Honorary Members

From time to time, the NSIS recognizes living scientists who have a connection to Nova Scotia by granting them a free lifetime membership in the Institute. Such scientists have made substantial and sustained contributions in their fields, or to the affairs of the Institute.

At present there are two Honorary Members – Dr. Arthur B. McDonald and Dr. Mary Anne White. Their profiles are at the links to the right of this page.

Any Nova Scotian distinguished in some branch of science or who has rendered conspicuous service to the advancement of science, or to the affairs of the Institute, is eligible for nomination and election as an Honorary Member. For this purpose, a Nova Scotian is defined as someone who was either born in Nova Scotia or who conducted a substantial part of the work for which the honour is being conferred while resident in Nova Scotia.

Nominations must be submitted to the NSIS Council in writing, be signed by three (3) NSIS members in good standing, and be accompanied by a document presenting the reasons for awarding the honour. Election of candidates shall require the support of a majority of Council members.