NSIS Hall of Fame

The NSIS has established a Hall of Fame, which recognizes scientists of distinction with a tangible connection to Nova Scotia.  Over 40 persons are currently inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Their profiles may be seen by selecting their name from the menu on the right.

Their work spans from the early 1800s to nearly the present day.  They include three Nobel Prize winners.  Disciplines represented include (but are not limited to) astronomy, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, geology, marine engineering, mathematics, neuropsychology, oncology, and physics.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame:

Members of the NSIS can propose persons for the NSIS Council to consider adding to the Hall of Fame.  The basic criteria are that a nominee:

  1. Made significant lifetime contributions to some field of science;
  2. Is deceased;
  3. Had a tangible connection to Nova Scotia.

With respect to the third criterion, the nominee should have been born and/or educated in Nova Scotia, and/or a significant portion of his or her scientific career should have been pursued in Nova Scotia.

A nomination can be made by filling out and submitting the form available here: NSIS Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The profiles of inductees into the NSIS Hall of fame may be seen by selecting their name from the menu on the right.

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