NSIS Public Lecture – 3 April 2017

Date: Monday, 3 April at 7:30pm
Location: Museum of Natural History, Halifax
Speaker: Dr. Shashi Gujar
Departments of Pathology Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University
Quality and System Performance, IWK Health Centre
Title: Cancer Immunotherapy: Using Viruses to Treat Cancers

Abstract: When we think about viruses, we usually think about infections and diseases. However, not all viruses are harmful. We now know that some of these viruses can kill cancers, and most importantly, awaken our own immune system to fight cancers. These virus-based cancer therapies represent one of the most promising cancer treatment options. Dr. Gujar’s research program studies this phenomenon. Using this platform, he will explain how viruses are being used in clinics to treat cancers, and elucidate how these therapies could promote long-term cancer-free health.

All are welcome but seating is limited so “first come first served.”