NSIS Public Lecture – 5 March 2018

The Nova Scotian Institute of Science invites you to attend our public lecture on Monday, 5th March, 7:30 pm at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Halifax.

Time: 7:30pm
Location: Museum of Natural History, Halifax
Speaker: Dr. Marcos Zentilli
Emeritus Professor , Department of Earth Sciences
Dalhousie University
Title: The Rise of Mountains and Climate Changes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Eastern Nunavut has young mountains (~2600 m) that rose when Greenland was tectonically pushed under Ellesmere Island 49 million years ago – when the Arctic Ocean became a freshwater lake and northern redwood forests sheltered
crocodylians and turtles. Sea salt-cored mountains are actively growing at rates measurable from satellites. Close to some of them salty springs flow year round in areas where the ground is otherwise frozen to a depth of 600m. Zentilli will illustrate Arctic research and observable changes carried out through a quarter century.