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Proceedings of the NSIS – Volume 41, Part 1&2 – 1996

Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISSN 0078-2521
Vol 41 1996 Part 1 & 2


Alexander Graham Bell’s Optical Disc and Other Inventions.Dan Hutt 1
Charles Brenton Huggins Nobel Prize Winner Medicine 1966.Terry Burns 13
Columella Edentula (Draparnaud, 1805) (Pupillidae), A New Addition To Nova Scotia’s Terrestrial Mollusc Fauna.Ryan Luedey, Jean MacMillan and Cheryl Bartlett 22
Studies on the Phytoplankton and the Water Quality at Greenfield, Clwyd, U.K.J. Sita Devi and J.S.S. Lakshminarayana 24
Ovine ILL-Thrift in Nova Scotia. 14. Anorexia and Digestibility Decline in Female Lambs Given 3,7,11-3H3-3-Acetoxy-7, 15-Dihydroxy-12, 13-Epoxytrichothec-9-En-8-one.D. Brewer, A.J. McAlees and A. Taylor 39
Report of the Regional Meeting on Materials Science Research and Facilities, 1994  48
President’s Reports, 1993–1996  53

Editor: R.P. Gupta

Editorial Board: Donald .D. Betts, Stan Heaps, John Tremblay, Denis Reardon 


Printed for the Institute by the Dalhousie Printing Centre

Date of Publication: December 1996

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