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Proceedings of the NSIS – Volume 41, Part 3 – 1997

Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISSN 0078-2521
Vol 41 1997 Part 3


Ecological considerations for protected area system design: The need for an integrated approach t o maintaining biological diversityKaren F. Beazley 59
Nature conservation on private land in Nova ScotiaBonnie Sutherland 77
Lichens of Beaver Brook, Nova ScotiaM.R.D. Seaward, A. Lynds, and D.H.S. Richardson 90
Winter distribution of the common loon (Gavia immer) and red-throated loon (Gavi a stellata) in the Bay of FundyHeather Clay and Douglas Clay 93
Safety of seal oil as a nutritional supplementR.G. Ackman and A.E. Marble 103
Science education: attitude development in science/museum centresRaj Kaushik 115
Atlantic regional workshop on the commercialization of government science research: summary  127
President’s Report, 1996–1997  130

Editor: R.P. Gupta

Editorial Board: Donald .D. Betts, Stan Heaps, John Tremblay, Denis Reardon 


Printed for the Institute by the Dalhousie Printing Centre

Date of Publication: July 1997

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