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Proceedings of the NSIS – Volume 42, Part 2 – 2004

Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISSN 0078-2521

Vol 42 Part 2 (Price $15)

General Introduction: Conserving Nova Scotia’s Biodiversity
JH Martin Willison and Christopher A Miller

Annotated List of the Mammals of Nova Scotia
Fred W Scott and Andrew J Hebda

Do We Know Beetles? Lessons From New Records of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) for Nova Scotia
David B McCorquodale and Søren Bondrup-Nielsen

Observation Record: Epilithic Diatoms of the Stream Outflow of Williams Lake, Nova Scotia, with New Records for the Province
Alison R Sherwood and Ronald J Deckert

Beetle Diversity Associated with Forest Structure Including Deadwood in Softwood and Hardwood Stands in Nova Scotia
Daniel Kehler, Søren Bondrup-Nielsen and Christine Corkum

Changes in Populations of Nesting Seabirds on the Bird Islands, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
David B McCorquodale, DB Banks, MI Kerr, RW Knapton and David L Harris

Status and Management of Roseate Terns (Sterna dougallii) in Nova Scotia
Marty Leonard, Andrew Boyne and Sherman Boates

The Distribution, Status and Habitat Associations of Moose in Mainland Nova Scotia
Tamaini V Snaith and Karen F Beazley

Developing an Index of Sustainable Coldwater Streams Using Fish Community Attributes in River Philip, Nova Scotia
Yoichiro Kanno and John L MacMillan

Road Density and Potential Impact on Wildlife Species such as American Moose in Mainland Nova Scotia
Karen F Beazley, Tamaini V Snaith, Frances MacKinnon and David Colville

A Report on a Conservation Planning Process for a Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Vision in Nova Scotia
Karen F Beazley, JH Martin Willison, Robert Long and Paula MacKay

Freshwater Fish Consideration for Aquatic Fish Conservation Systems Planning in Nova Scotia
Yoichiro Kanno and Karen F Beazley

Reserve Planning on Private Land Holdings of the Forestry Company, Stora Port Hawkesbury Limited: Cape Breton Island and Western Mainland Nova Scotia
Christopher A Miller

Guest Editors for papers on Biodiversity: JH Martin Willison and Christopher Miller


NSIS Student Science Awards 2003

Prize Winning papers:
Gene Expression During Indirect Somatic Embryogenesis of Plants
Tammy Estabrooks and Zhongmin Dong

Ultrastructure and Characteristics of a Deep-sea Bacterium
Bhavleen Kaur and Henrietta Mann

Stirling G Whiteway
John Gray Aldous
William John Dyer

Proceedings of NSIS Sessions including Presidential addresses and reports from Council Officers
Session 2000-2001
Session 2001-2002
Session 2002-2003


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