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Proceedings of the NSIS – Volume 43, Part 2 – 2006

Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISSN 0078-2521
Vol 43 2006 Part 2 Completion of Vol 43
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General Introduction: Marine Science EssaysJames E Stewart 75
Marine Geology in Atlantic Canada—A Government PerspectiveRichard A Pickrill and David JW Piper 91
Physical Oceanography in Atlantic CanadaR Allyn Clarke 111
Biological Oceanography in Canada (with Special Reference to Federal Government Science)WG Harrison 129
A History of Marine Fisheries Science in Atlantic Canada and its Role in the Management of FisheriesRG Halliday and LP Fanning 159
Marine Ecosystem Assessment: Past, Present and Future Attempts with Emphasis on the Eastern Scotian ShelfKenneth T Frank, Jae S Choi and Brian Petrie 185
NSIS Student Science Awards 2005Prize Winning papers 199
Clear as Mud: The Type I/Type II Model for Death Receptor-Induced ApoptosisDavid Michael Conrad 201
A Comparison of Methods for Modifying the Partial Singular Value Decomposition in Latent Semantic IndexingJane E Tougas 211
Growth and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Activity of Rhodotorula glutinis: Optimization of Conditions for the Synthesis of L-PhenylalanineMark Wall and Godwin D’Cunha 219
Design Study of Novel Light Guide Geometry for Scintillation CountersJackie Glister and Adam J Sarty 227
Rational Drug Design: A Window into the Ambitious Quest of a Neurologist and ChemistJennifer Paterson 235
Presidential addresses and reports from Council OfficersSession 2004-2005 245

Editorial Board: RG Ackman, M Dadswell, S Payne, B Petrie, DJW Piper, A Taylor,

M Willison

Editor: James E Stewart


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Date of Publication: August 2006

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