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Proceedings of the NSIS – Volume 44, Part 1 – 2007

Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISSN 0078-2521
Vol 44 2007 Part 1 (Price $12)


The Life and Work of Donald Olding Hebb, Canada’s Greatest PsychologistRichard E Brown 1
Deep-water Corals in Atlantic Canada: a Review of DFO Research (2001—2003)Donald C Gordon and Ellen LR Kenchington 27
Biological and Environmental Requisites for a Successful Trap Fishery of the Northern Shrimp, Pandalus borealisP Koeller, M Covey and M King 51
Woodville Ice Cave (Hants County, Nova Scotia) and Notes on the ‘Ice Caves’ of the Maritime ProvincesM Moseley 73
Additional Records of a Non-native Fish, The Snowy Grouper, (Epinephelus niveatus)in Nova Scotian WatersGlyn Sharp, John Gilhen, Megan Veinot and Robert Semple 79
NSIS Student Science Awards 2006Prize Winning papers 87
Rhodotorula glutinis: Strain Enrichment and Evaluation of Phenylalanine Ammonia LyaseM Jason MacDonald and Godwin B D’Cunha 89
Peter John Wangersky  97
Harry Cleveland Freeman  99
NSIS Presidential addresses and Reports from Council OfficersSession 2005-2006 101

Editorial Board: RG Ackman, M Dadswell, S Payne, B Petrie, DJW Piper, A Taylor,

M Willison

Editor: James E Stewart


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Date of Publication: July 2007

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